Lakadong is renowned for its high curcumin content of up to 8% Compared to usual varieties of turmeric. This miracle herb contains 7-12% curcumin compared to 1-3% of ordinary turmeric.


We procure this turmeric from small farmers based in Mooshrot Village, in the western Jantia Hills district of Meghalaya.

  • Lakadong Turmeric has been employed to treat a multitude of ailments and facilitate the recovery from injuries. Its versatility is showcased through its utilization in various formats, such as pastes or powders, for purposes ranging from skincare to culinary applications.
  • Its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties are already well known and this explains why traditionally a mixture of haldi-chuna (turmeric and calcium carbonate) was applied to heal swellings and broken bones.
  • High levels of curcumin helps boost immunity against diseases and repairs body damage like wounds and inflammatory pains.
  • It may also help improve symptoms of arthritis, prevent heart disease and even the growth of cancer cell.

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