Indian Bay Leaf (Cinnamomum Tamala) or Tejpata can be used for adding flavour & aroma to any dish of your choice. It is also a source of nutrition with several other health benefits.

  • Nutrient Rich. Bay leaves are a natural source of iron, calcium, dietary fibre, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin C etc. Bay leaf powder for digestion :
  • Bay leaves are known to help in promoting digestion.
  • Bay leaf powder for diabetes :
  • It is also known to be effective in managing diabetes and helps in keeping the heart healthy .Bay leaf powder for hair :
  • It also holds significance when applied topically. For hair, it works great by keeping dandruff and lice at the bay. Bay leaf powder for skin :
  • It keeps skin healthy by being a great toner. Bay leaf powder organic :
  • Organically produced bay leaves are more efficacious like any other organic harvests due to non-presence of chemicals specially preservatives, artificial colour & fragrances etc.



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